Proclamation Guidelines

Proclamations are official announcements and/or public declarations issued by the Norwich Township Board of Trustees.  They are typically requested and/or issued with the goal of honoring and celebrating events and increasing awareness of noteworthy issues among the residents of Norwich Township.  Proclamations are ceremonial in nature and do not have any legislative value. 

Requests for proclamations must be submitted using the following Proclamation Request Application Form and submitting it to the Norwich Township Administrative offices with 21 business days advance notice.  A proclamation can only be issued for the following:

  • A special cause, such as proclaiming a month or a day to honor a recognized effort (proclamations are not automatically renewed)
  • Significant events with historical and/or unique importance to Norwich Township, or to recognize individual residents who have made a significant contribution to society
  • Community Award programs seeking individual proclamations or for yearly community events within Norwich Township
  • A milestone anniversary for a Norwich Township church, pastor, or organization (25 years or more)
  • Milestone birthdays (90 years or more) and milestone wedding anniversaries (50 years or more) for a Norwich Township resident(s)
  • A special visitor to Norwich Township


Proclamation Request Application

Allow 21 business days to process application.

Proclamations will not be issued for matters involving political controversy, ideological or religious beliefs, or individual conviction; or for events or organizations with no direct relationship to Norwich Township.  A proclamation does not constitute an endorsement by the Norwich Township Board of Trustees.

Click HERE for a downloadable version of the Township's Proclamation Guidelines.