Fire Prevention Permits and Forms/Fees

Building Construction Fire Protection Permits
The Norwich Township Fire Prevention Bureau has partnered with the City of Hilliard for most building related fire protection permits.  For more information on this permit process, visit City of Hilliard - Building Standard Division.  For scheduling inspections on permitted projects, contact the City of Hilliard's Division of Building Inspection line at 614-334-2466.

AST/UST Permits
The Norwich Township Fire Prevention Bureau is the delegated authority to issue all permits for aboveground and underground storage tanks in Norwich Township, Brown Township, and the City of Hilliard.  A detailed description and drawings of all work to be done must clearly show compliance with distances and applicable requirements of Ohio Fire Code, NFPA 30, NGPA 30A as incorporated therein or other referenced standards.  The appropriate fees and form DMA (GLS 00362/06) are also required. 

Inspection Forms/Fees
Prior to completing the appropriate form below and paying for an inspection, contact the Norwich Township Fire Prevention Bureau at (614) 876-3331.  Once contact has been made, complete the appropriate form and return it, along with payment, to the Township Administration office located at 5181 Northwest Parkway, Hilliard, Ohio 43026 or email forms to bureau@norwichtownship.org for processing. If you have any questions regarding these forms, contact the Norwich Township Fire Prevention Bureau at (614) 876-3331 or bureau@norwichtownship.org.

Norwich Township accepts credit card payments or checks made payable to Norwich Township.

Payments by Credit Card
Norwich Township has partnered with Square™ to provide an easy way to make a payment. Click the Square™ button below that is associated with the appropriate form to continue with your credit card payment.

Payments by Check
Mail payments to 5181 Northwest Parkway, Hilliard, Ohio 43026. Contact the Norwich Township Fire Prevention Bureau at (614) 876-3331 or bureau@norwichtownship.org with any questions.

Above/Underground Storage Tank Permit Application
Aboveground Storage Tank Payment

Underground Storage Tank Payment

After Hours Inspection Request Application

Underground Fire Lines Inspection Request Application