Storm Recovery


After a severe storm passes through, the safety of residents is most important to Norwich Township. Specifically, when the power is out, residents must take extra precautions to remain safe.

Generators are used to provide temporary power. Carbon monoxide can build up quickly when these are placed near buildings. Norwich Township Fire Department recommends that portable generators be placed at least 10 feet away from any building and away from open windows and doors.

Electric/Power Cords
The use of electric or power cords to supply power to neighbors is not recommended. Cords run across streets and properties may not have the proper rating to supply the amount of power being drawn and will be damaged when vehicles travel over them. Frayed wires can eventually lead to overheating and cause fires. These activities create significant fire hazards.

Candles and Alternate Lighting
Battery-operated lighting sources are recommended. Flashlights, battery-powered camp lanterns, and similar equipment are a much safer alternative to candles and fuel-powered lanterns.

Kerosene and Propane Equipment
Alternative heat and power sources that use combustible fuels require adequate ventilation. Open windows and avoid using these in living spaces. Use extreme caution any time this equipment is used.

Traffic Signals
Be cautious when approaching intersections that have no power. These intersections should be treated as 4-way stops. 

*Storm recovery and cleanup do not exempt residents from open burning. Regulations on open burning are still in place. Burning fresh tree limbs, branches, and leaves create fire and environmental hazards. 

For more information contact the Norwich Township Fire Prevention Bureau at (614) 876-3331 or email bureau@norwichtownship.org with any questions.