roadsThe Norwich Township Road Department is responsible for maintaining 13.7 miles of roadways within the unincorporated areas of Norwich Township. Maintaining roadways involves snow removal, roadway and drainage repairs, street sweeping, road sign management, and services maintained within the public right of ways, such as removal of dead animals, tree removal, and sidewalk repairs.

The Norwich Township Road Department consists of a Road Superintendent and 3 full-time Road Laborers.  Offices for the Road Department are located at the Wesley Chapel Cemetery at 3225 Dublin Road, Hilliard, Ohio 43026, and are open Monday – Friday from 7:30 am – 4:00 pm. To contact the Road Department, call (614) 876-2236 or email wesleychapel@norwichtownship.org.

Special Note: Although your property may be in Norwich Township, the roadway, easement, or storm drains may be maintained by the City of Hilliard, Franklin County, or the City of Columbus. An easy way to identify who maintains your roadway is by looking at the road sign color. Blue signs are City of Hilliard roadways and green signs are either Norwich Township, City of Columbus, or Franklin County. Contact Norwich Township at  (614) 876-2236 or email wesleychapel@norwichtownship.org if you have a green road sign and the City of Hilliard at (614) 876-7361 or click https://hilliardohio.gov/hilliard311/ if you have a blue road sign.

road department 

Road Superintendent and Cemetery Sexton
Robbie Thomas               
Assistant Road Superintendent and Cemetery Sexton
Kyle Nutter  
Road and Cemetery Laborer
Morgan Gierman II

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