Snow Removal

IMG-5132 - Copy (2)Snow removal is a top priority for the Road Department. Navigating trucks and plows through snow and around obstacles is always a challenge. Residents can help our drivers navigate prior to a snow removal event by doing the following:

• Moving basketball hoops from roadways
• Removing parked cars from roadways
• Checking the location of your mailbox and its condition – At times, the weight or force of snow coming off the plow or roadway can damage mailboxes
• Never attempt to pass or drive next to a snow plow when it is moving - Plows make sudden and unexpected moves when hitting drifts or cutting through packed snow

If your mailbox is damaged during a snow removal event, contact our Road Department at (614) 876-2236 or by email at wesleychapel@norwichtownship.org.

The Road Department maintains three dump trucks for use during snow removal and salt distribution.IMG-5125