Storm Drains

The Road Department is responsible for ensuring that all Township roadways drain properly by performing storm tile repairs.

126131387_3802087679842476_6122711840830872882_nkeeping storm drains clear
Our Road Department works throughout the year to maintain storm drains within the Township’s right-of-way. Storm drains in flood-prone areas are checked more frequently to ensure they are not blocked by debris or need repaired. Below are recommendations to help keep storm drains free and clear and to protect your property from flooding:

• Clear or rake away leaves and debris
• Do not dump or place trash or yard waste such as grass clippings, branches, leaves, or rocks into roadways, storm drains, or drainage ditches
• Clear debris and leaves from roof gutters and downspouts frequently
• Test and maintain your sump pump to ensure it is in good working order before a heavy rainstorm

*The Norwich Township Road Department does not maintain private drains on private property. If you have questions or concerns about a storm drain, contact the Road Department by phone at (614) 876-2236 or by email at wesleychapel@norwichtownship.org.

Storm Drain Repair Request