Street Sweeping

Norwich Township contracts street sweeping to remove debris on Township roadways in the early spring and fall.  Do not rake leaves or yard waste into roadways. Street sweeping will not clear large amounts of debris. 

Local Waste Services collects leaves, twigs, and small grass clippings on regular trash days. Follow these steps to dispose of leaves and other yard waste:

  • Place yard waste (including leaves) in biodegradable brown paper bags or in containers that are marked clearly ‘Yard Waste Only’ -stickers are available at the Norwich Township Administration office
  • Place yard waste a few feet away from other materials for easier identification as it will be collected separately on the same day
  • Brush must be tied in bundles at 4 feet or less in length by 2 feet or less in diameter
  • Compost leaves or leave them where they fall
  • Take leaves and yard waste to a neighborhood-based leaf and yard waste composting site like Ohio Mulch located at 4120 Roberts Road, Columbus, Ohio 43228