Purchase a Paver

FountainsFlag1You may or may not realize that there is a beautiful 9-11 Reflection Garden in front of the Safety Services Building, located at 5181 Northwest Parkway.  The walkable area of the garden includes custom engraved pavers and for a limited time, every few years, individuals can purchase these pavers. Contact our Township if you are interested in purchasing a paver by emailing the Paver Form to requests@norwichtownship.org or calling (614) 876-7694.  

The garden contains a flag pole salvaged from the ruins of the World Trade Center, several fountains, benches, and memorial pavers.  Particularly in the warmer seasons, you'll see regular visitors taking a moment in the peaceful and reflective surroundings.  For more information, visit our HISTORY page.   

Forms and payments should be mailed to 5181 Northwest Parkway, Hilliard, Ohio 43026. Contact the Norwich Township Administrative Assistant at (614) 876-7694 or email requests@norwichtownship.org with any questions.

Norwich Township has partnered with Square™ to provide an easy way to make a payment. Email the completed form to Requests@NorwichTownship.org and then, click the appropriate Square button below to continue with your credit card payment.

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