Norwich Township Administrative Note: Proposed Development | Dublin Road Annexation

Three unincorporated parcels located on Dublin Road are in the process of being annexed (Expedited Type 2) into the City of Columbus. 
  • The County Commissioners approved the annexation application for parcels 201-000002 and 200-000554 on 3/21/2023. More recently, the developer has requested the County Commissioners approval of 200-000050 and 200-000203
  • ORC 709.023 (D) allows a township to file an annexation objection, provided it is filed within 25 days after the annexation petition is filed, but the objection is only valid if annexation conditions are not met.  This process is reviewed for the Township by the Franklin County County Commissioners. *If all conditions are satisfied, the County and Township have no basis under the ORC for objecting to the annexation. The conditions for an Expedited Type 2 annexation include:
    • The petition meets all the requirements set forth and was filed in the manner provided in ORC 709.021. (see technical checklist in Appendix N) (ORC 709.023 (E) (1))
    • The persons who signed the petition are owners of property located in the territory proposed to be annexed, and they constitute all owners in the territory. (ORC 709.023 (E) (2))
    • The territory proposed to be annexed does not exceed 500 acres. (ORC 709.023 (E) (3))
    • The territory proposed to be annexed shares a contiguous boundary with the municipality for a continuous length of at least 5% of the perimeter of the territory proposed to be annexed. (ORC 709.023 (E) (4))
    • The annexation will not create an unincorporated area of the township that is completely surrounded by the territory proposed to be annexed. (ORC 709.023 (E) (5))
    • The municipality has agreed to provide the territory proposed to be annexed the services specified in the municipal services statement. (ORC 709.023 (E) (6))
    • If a street or highway will be divided or segmented by the boundary line between the municipality and township as to create a road maintenance problem, the municipality has agreed as a condition of annexation to assume maintenance of that street or highway or to otherwise correct the problem. (ORC 709.023 (E) (7))
  • The applicant must wait the 60-day period before presenting to the City of Columbus. After 60 days, the parcels will go through the zoning process
  • The proposed development will therefore be under dual jurisdiction of both the City of Columbus and Norwich Township
Click HERE for the Administrative Note that includes more details about this proposed development on Dublin Road. 

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