Reflection Garden

FountainsFlag1Norwich Township, in cooperation with the City of Hilliard, created a 9/11 Reflection Garden in the front lawn of the Safety Services Building, located at 5181 Northwest Parkway, Hilliard, dedicated on September 11, 2014. This beautiful Reflection Garden includes a flag pole and several fountains and allows for visitors from our community and beyond to stop; take a moment; and reflect on what America means to them and to remember those whose lives were lost on September 11, 2001. 

The Flagpole:  The flagpole stands tall and proud at the base of the garden.  Many are surprised to learn that it was once a fixture at the World Trade Center.  It is one of five flagpoles that stood on Church Street outside of the World Trade Center Plaza in New York City and survived the tragedy of September 11th.   Other than shortening the pole for removal, it is untouched. If you look closely at the pole, you’ll see the scars that remain from the events of that day.  They are a reminder of the tragedy, but also of the strength and survival of our nation.

Water Flow:  In front of the flagpole are several water fountains.   Three pillars stand together, along with a large basin.  Each quietly distributes a continuous flow of water that provides a serene and peaceful setting.  The water flowing from the fountains is a fluid reminder that even in times of great loss the American people stand united. 

Rock & Plaque: As you take in the surroundings of the garden, you’ll notice a large stone with a plaque mounted in its center.  The plaque informs visitors about each element included in the garden and the importance of what they represent. 

Pavers:  The walkable area of the garden includes custom engraved pavers. For a limited time every few years individuals can purchase these pavers. Contact our Township if you are interested in purchasing a paver by emailing requests@norwichtownship.org or calling (614) 876-7694