Establishment of a Township Public Improvement Tax Increment Equivalent Fund

The Norwich Township Board of Trustees motioned on June 6, 2023, to provide aStockPhoto notice to the Hilliard City School District, Dublin City School District, and Tolles Career and Technical Center that on June 29, 2023, at 9:00 AM the Board of Trustees will consider and vote upon a resolution relating to enact a TIF on all unincorporated Norwich Township parcels, whether the parcel has an existing dwelling or not.

This action is being driven by a recent attempt to annex unincorporated Norwich Township parcels and develop the property with high-density multi-family housing. Many of our residents have voiced opposition to this annexation and proposed development. It is the intent of the Board that placing a TIF on these parcels will give the Township leverage in development discussions in the future that will impact our residents. The proposed TIF is 10-year/75%.

Click HERE for maps of the unincorporated parcels of Norwich Township.

Will this cause my property taxes to increase? No. 

If the people of Hilliard voted to change the City Charter to restrict the use of TIFs on residential development, then why is Norwich Township doing that very thing?  Section 12.10 of the City of Hilliard Charter does not restrict residential development, it states that the City of Hilliard cannot put a TIF on a residential development without the permission of the Township Board of Trustees - meaning the Township gets a seat at the table when economic development agreements are negotiated. This resolution will prevent a municipality from applying a TIF on any unincorporated parcel in Norwich Township. Any development proposed for an unincorporated Township parcel will need to be negotiated with the Township Board of Trustees.