SWACO Launches 2020 Community Impact Report

It’s no mystery that 2020 had a profound impact on everyone in our community. Lifestyle changes forced upon us as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic impacted every part of our lives – even our waste stream. From increased cardboard shipping boxes arriving on doorsteps, to the arrival of millions of doses of vaccines in our community packaged in expanded polystyrene, the pandemic made its mark on Central Ohio in often unseen ways.

This week, SWACO launched its 2020 Community Impact Report which details how seismic changes in our daily lives ultimately impacted the waste stream last year, while highlighting the accomplishments made across Franklin County to reduce waste, improve recycling and increase composting. The report also celebrates our regional partners who are actively working to cut food waste in half, and provides an overview of SWACO’s plans to leverage the waste stream to create economic opportunities that benefit businesses and residents in Central Ohio.